§ 93-5-2. Divorce on ground of irreconcilable differences

(1) Divorce from the bonds of matrimony may be granted on the ground of irreconcilable differences, but only upon the joint complaint of the husband and wife or a complaint where the defendant has been personally served with process or where the defendant has entered an appearance by written waiver of process.

(2) If the parties provide by written agreement for the custody and maintenance of any children of that marriage and for the settlement of any property rights between the parties and the court finds that such provisions are adequate and sufficient, the agreement may be incorporated in the judgment, and such judgment may be modified as other judgments for divorce.

(3) Omitted.

(4) Complaints for divorce on the ground of irreconcilable differences must have been on file for sixty (60) days before being heard. . . .

(5), (6) and (7). Omitted.

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