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Jackson, Mississippi Divorce Attorney

gpx_bodyphoto01Direct personal support and service are an integral part of navigating the emotional shoals of the dissolution of a marriage and the events which follow.

A divorce can be an extremely emotionally charged experience. This can make dealing with complicated legal issues even more difficult. Experienced and compassionate Jackson, Mississippi divorce attorney Janice T. Jackson from Jackson Law Firm, PLLC has nearly 20 years experience helping families through this difficult time. Attorney Jackson’s experience allows her to understand the needs of her client’s family, financial and business considerations. Most importantly, this experience allows Attorney Jackson to understand the needs of their children in the long term.

No matter is your divorce is contested or uncontested, it is important to obtain legal counsel in order to ensure your rights are being protected. During a divorce, there are many factors that can impact the family in the long term. Issues such as alimony, child custody and child support can often be the most contentious. Attorney Jackson has helped many divorcing spouses work through these issues in mediation, rather than take them before a Judge. Attorney Jackson has also represented her client’s best interests in Court.

Attorney Jackson is also experienced in helping military families navigate the difficult decisions associated with child custody and support when one or both parents may be deployed overseas or sent on assignment in another part of the country. She has also assisted clients in obtaining child support and custody modification if their family’s circumstances have changed enough to warrant modification of custody, visitation and support. Additionally, Attorney Jackson can help those whose former spouses have violated a custody arrangement.

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In addition to divorce and divorce related issues, Janice T. Jackson has represented clients in matters of paternity, grandparents rights, guardianships, conservatorships, estate probate and wills. At Jackson Law Firm, PLLC, we achieve practical results that allow our clients to not only live with, but most importantly, prevail with their results, an issue often overlooked in heated domestic cases. For more information regarding your rights in family law matters, contact Jackson Law Firm, PLLC at 601-982-9797.

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